The Begining

Food is such a big part of my life. Every day, I have at least two decisions to make about the food that I eat, and over the years I have developed quite an enthusiasm for cooking and food. My mother and I cook, my brother and I cook, and my dad will give feed back on the food that we make; food is a family affair for us. Even the cats, who have absolutly no ability to cook try to get involved.

I love to attempt to cook things that will almost certainly fail. You learn from cooking, its technical and you have to pay attention to the way you execute things. cooking is so much more than following a recipe, and it’s not only technical, but you have an almost unlimited amount of freedom to change things the way you want.

I cook and eat everyday, this is something that’s a huge part of my life, something that I dare say that I love. I have plans to have this blog focused on recipes, but also have hopes to include my experiences eating other people’s food as well as discussing the food issues that the world and America are facing today.


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