I am Far too Opinionated

Because of the way that I grew up, eating the foods that I did, I have grown to prefer some flavor over others. I have my ideas of what tastes good, and what does not. This most certainly extends into the protein world.

Wednesday night, for the first time in several weeks, I had beef. I know it sounds odd, maybe that’s normal for some people, maybe your family doesn’t have a big desire to eat ground beef or maybe they do. For my family beef is a regular thing, just like American statistics say.

I have my own reasons for not being a big fan of ground-up cow. As I said my mom and dad grew up in homes where ground beef was a staple, and they have raised my brother and I that way. Mostly, I’m tired of ground beef, its boring and flavorless to me. Also, a year ago, or so, we decided to buy a quarter of a cow from a friend who the cow was raised by. That cow was grown in Iowa, pretty much free-range, feed the proper diet, and slaughtered by a company that wasn’t a mass manufacturing company. That beef was the best beef I’ve had. It ran out after a while, as most food does, and we started going back to store-bought ground beef. The beef that you get at a store, even Fareway, really isn’t that great compared to the stuff I was used to for a while.

Last night was a victory, not really, but a change from the norm. I get irritating when I have my opinions, but I mean, I want to be sure I enjoy the food that I eat. I want to make this clear, though: I don’t hate beef. That’s not the point of this post. The point is that I would much prefer some other form of protein over the beef that Americans tend to be so fond of.

Because of my attempts to avoid beef, I have found that I like fish, a lot more than the rest of my family. I also have learned some of the ways that I enjoy seasoning and preparing chicken. I should also put it out there that pork have come into a better light than it was once in for me.

I like meat, I can go for a good steak if it’s supposed to be perfect, but I have grown away from beef in general. Obviously, this is my opinion, not even that of my family, but it does have an influence on the way that I cook.


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