Homemade Pizza

Sunday nights are generally pretty boring at my house. Sometimes we watch the game, sometimes we have meetings to go to, sometimes we do something crazy like make pizza. Pizza isn’t all that crazy normally, but the fact that we cooked something is crazy. We normally have a large meal Sunday at noon, so we don’t eat untill later, and we definitely don’t cook something new. That means Sunday is normally leftovers or something super simple.

Tonight was different. We made pizza.

When we make pizza, we have a lot of fun. We make several pizzas, different toppings, sometimes doing different sauces, and one time we even cooked our pizzas on the grill. We like to make our pizza, which is odd, seeing as we have little to no Italian heritage, on either side of the family. However I have grown up helping my mom make the pizzas, always being allowed to help and put my touch on it.

The pizzas we make have changed only a little. We still use a box of hot roll mix as the crust, we still buy sauce (we aren’t Italian, we have no idea how to make it on our own in a short amount of time), and we still almost always burn the tops of our mouths on the first bite.

We did two pizzas tonight, one supreme and meat.

Supreme Pizza

I have no desire to eat mushrooms on pizza, but my parents like it, so this pizza was theirs. It has peppers and onions and the same meat as the other pizza. We generally do sauce, toppings, then cheese. So you can’t see all the toppings well because of all that wonderful mozzarella goodness. Normally when we use this pan we do a deeper crust, but tonight we kept it simple, doing only one layer.

Meat Pizza

Now this one was done a little bit different than normal. Then again every time we do pizza anymore we try to change things up. This goes crust (oh, yeah we baked the crust a little before we put anything on top), cheese, sausage, Canadian bacon, pepperoni, a sprinkle of cheese to get that nice color contrast, and then finally the sauce on top. Doing the sauce on top was sort of a nod at the Detroit style, however the crust was sort of low for that. This different style of layering gave me a few ideas on how to improve it, actually parental input had a lot to do with this. I think more flavor needs to happen at the same time or bellow the cheese, and the crust is also lacking something.

I like pizza, my family likes pizza; it’s fun to make. I will surely have to revisit the second style and change something and let you know how it goes. I actually am excited to make more pizza!


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