Chocolate Chip Cookies

Nothing makes you feel better about yourself than a warm chocolate cookie. Maybe actually success does, but cookies come close. Cookies, like pizza, have been something I have helped my mother make my entire childhood. I have made them so many times with her, they turn out just the same when I make them on my own.

Seriously, though. We have a really good recipe that we have been using for way too long. The crazy thing is that we found it on the back of a bag of chocolate chips. It’s not some crazy special family recipe, it was on the bag of Hershey’s Chocolate Chips.

Normally we use the dark chocolate chips that the recipe calls for, but we occasionally use other kinds of chocolate or peanut butter chips. Tonight we used mini-semi sweet chips. It doesn’t change that the cookies are good, but they look different than normal.

I grew up with these cookies. I have compared these cookies to other people’s cookies. I have won with these cookies. I am still waiting for these cookies to find the meaning of life for me. All they ever show up with is more cookies. So maybe cookies are the meaning of life.

Honestly, though, this recipe is tried and true, its something that most family members look forward to at Christmas time or my dad’s birthday. Despite the fact that we tell them where to find the recipe, and that it is in no way ours.

It’s odd that people want something from others, even when they are completely capable of doing the same thing on their own. It gives you more satisfaction when you accomplish something on your own and its for you to enjoy on your own. Whatever though, whenever we make cookies for something I get to eat them, I will not complain about that at all.

The unbaked goodness.

The end result.


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