Sweet Redemption

The other day I had some time to try to figure out what I should do with the leftover won ton wrappers from Wednesday night. Then I had a beautiful idea. Nutella! Nutella won tons!! Oh my goodness, what is this brilliance?

I thought this would be a good time to try to redeem myself after my little experience with the crab won tons… I took some of my concerns into consideration and adapted things to meet my sweet tooth ideals.

First of all, I changed the filling up, obviously I did not put crab into a won ton that had a chocolaty hazelnut spread. That would be odd. I could have just done the Nutella, but I also added some cream cheese to it to give it a different texture. The new texture was a little odd, it was reminiscent of brownie batter. I’m not complaining, that’s just how it shook out.

Also, I changed the amount of force that I used to seal the wrappers once the filling was inside. I was determined not to have any spillage of Nutella onto the cookie sheet. That would be a disaster.

Finally, I used a cooking spray, rather than brushing on the oil directly on the won tons. I used one that was butter flavored, so it sort of kept with the whole dessert feel.The cooking spray applied more evenly than the oil did. It was easier to get it all over the won ton without it feeling like I was going to squish them. I think that the more even distribution of the cooking spray helped them crisp up more evenly than before. They actually got pretty crispy, it was a better texture than before.

They are crispy and golden brown, and have a dusting of powdered sugar. how beautiful

Overall, this won ton attempt was successful enough for me to say that it was redemption for my first try. Not that I need to redeem myself, its okay to make mistakes the first time. I did have a successful go at these, and I believe that I will have far more confidence in my future won ton adventures.


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