I’m Pretty American

Friday night brought a challenge. What to eat? Actually I knew what to eat, I bought some cod the night before, and so I had to decide what I was actually going to do with it. Normally I like salmon or tilapia, but I felt like I should try to do something with cod.

Fish and Chips. The most exciting thing I could come up with. I have never made my own french fries, so that was a bit daunting, and I had never cooked with Cod, let alone fried it.

It’s not a healthy meal, it really isn’t. It still is a fun one though.

We had to start with the fries, so that you can get them blanched before you cook the fish, then fry them again to finish them. I used four potatoes for three people, it might have been too much, but that’s okay, we ate them anyway. I used a mandoline slicer to cut the fries, it was quick and easy, then they had to be rinsed and dried before they were blanched.

rinsed fries

The fries before they went in for their blanching.


Going in for a hot oily bath.

Then came the batter for the fish. I used a beer batter, except with Mountain Dew, it’s got the carbonation and the sugars that the beer has, except I can legally buy it… Anyway, it was a simple batter, but you have to make sure that you dredge the fish with flour before you batter them so that the batter stays on once it’s fried.

frying fish

The fish going in for their hot oil bath.

fried fish

The finished fish. They look a little dark in the pictures.

Once the fish is done cooking, you have to finish the fries, so you throw those back in for a few more minutes. Once you pull then out, season them right away, I only salted them, but you could so whatever you want, parmesan and garlic would be good if you weren’t eating fish.

finished fries

The finished fries. They look so pretty.

Everything should be done at this point, if you want to add a vegetable to the meal, you probably should. What you add is up to you.

fish and chips

The whole thing, so fried.

The fish was pretty tasty, they batter turned out really good once it was cooked, the fries were okay, they weren’t that crunchy, but they were still fried potato. Of course they were addicting and were eaten completely. I believe that I will make the fish again sometime, it was messy, but worth it. the fries weren’t what they could have been, but I want to try to improve upon that, so those will be attempted in the near future.

Friday night dinner turned out pretty good. I liked it; my dad liked it, which was a little bit of a surprise (he’s not a big fish person); and the cats were walking around sniffing everything all night. Rascal Even attempted to climb onto the table to get at the fish while we were eating (he was not successful).

It was really nice though, to be able to take the time to cook and sit down to eat, especially in the middle of marching season. It was more about spending time with my parents and having some good conversations rather than just eating something British.  I thoroughly enjoyed the meal, I wish more Fridays were like that. Also I didn’t have to march, so that might have had more to do with my happiness than anything else.


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