School Food is Gross

School food is awful. It’s terrible. It looks like cat vomit half the time (trust me, I know, Rascal likes to eat grass). I hate it.

I bring my own lunch to school everyday. I started doing this the third trimester of last year, and it really stuck. I wasn’t eating what I wanted, there was never anything appealing to me on the menu, so I decided to bring my own food that would actually fill me up with a similar serving size and calorie content. I have a few things that I rotate through, but it still seems like more variety than the school provided meals.

I occasionally at sandwiches, turkey and/or ham with cheddar. Sometimes I bring lunchables, they remind me of childhood and youth. I like soup, macaroni and cheese, and left over pasta. All these things taste better to start with then the school lunches. They also keep me filled longer, yes even the lunchables, and I don’t have to wait in any of the massive lines that happen in the lunchroom. I can normally get throw my lunch before everyone is through the line, and I don’t have to worry about talking and eating, or the like.

I personally cannot stand school food. This was probably more of a rant than anything. I don’t understand how the school system can find the food they feed to us appealing in any way. It’s terrible. I would love to give some more specific examples, these will com in the future, though.


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