Super Snack

Normally my week nights are crazy and busy. I normally don’t have much time for doing what I want, and sometimes I end up not eating dinner, or eating a tiny dinner fairly early, like before 5:30. that means, but the time I am done with whatever activity I am doing, normally 9:30, I’m pretty darn hungry.

That’s where super snacks come in. A sort of meal thing that’s not large enough to constitute a true meal, but still requires too much effort and has too much substance to call it a snack. Obviously this is all very subjective, to some my super snack may be a meal, while others might consider it a normal sized snack.

Anyway, with these super snacks I strive to eliminate hunger, while also enjoying something delicious.

Tuesday I rally didn’t have an activity that went on for a while, but I had spaghetti for dinner then went to a French horn lesson. I came home. I did some work. Then I decided I wanted a snack. I committed to making something too delicious for nine o’clock at night.

I don’t care what you want to call it, but I made a toad in the hole. The American one, I could not possibly commit to several hours of cooking on a whim like that. You know what I mean, right? That piece of bread with a hole cut out in the middle, and you cook an egg in it on the stove and the bread soaks up some of the egg while it cooks and all the problems in the world are temporarily fixed. Maybe it’s not that drastic, but at least it fixes my issue with hunger.

toad in the hole

I make mine special, I like garlic a whole lot, so when I get the bread ready, I use a garlic butter and throw some dry seasonings, like basil or oregano into it. The bread gets a really nice crisp on it when you use the butter, and garlic never hurt anyone (especially not vampires because they don’t exist).

finished toad in the hole

It takes a total of about 20 minutes start to finish, maybe more if you eat slowly or don’t want to burn your mouth. Seriously, it’s the easiest way to make wonderful eggs, other than scrambling them in bacon grease, but that requires cooking bacon, no one has time for that on a Tuesday night at nine.

The toad in the hole is best served with a glass of orange juice, and it will go down pretty quickly.


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