Iowa is Boring

At least there isn’t any special food here, I can go to Ohio and buy anything that we have here. AND MORE! It’s doesn’t work the other way, though. So after the family goes to Ohio to visit people and we return, we come home and we can’t get some of the same stuff we eat when we’re there.

This can get super frustrating, especially when it comes to the best of pop and chips. I’m such an Iowan, I say pop, I mean soda. I will continue to say pop, so you can deal with it for this post.

The best pop that you can’t seem to get anywhere in Iowa is the Barq’s Red Creme Soda. You can find the regular root beer and creme soda from this brand most super markets in Iowa, but they never stock the red stuff. And this stuff is the best for floats, better than root beer floats. We call them Pink Cows, yeah its weird, but it’s beyond good.

The other stuff you can’t get in Iowa, unless you order it online, would be the Mike-Sells potato chips. Groovy would be the best type, but the others are also good. The taste different than Lays, but not in a bad way at all. They are cooked in peanut oil, so there’s that, but they also seem more salty.

These things are treats, not only because they lack any sort of nutrition, but because we aren’t able to get them whenever we want. My father just returned from a trip, and he brought some back.

These things also remind me of my childhood vacations, spending time in Ohio with extended family, getting to play with my cousins, and going to bed later than normal. All the things that I never could forget about Ohio.


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