Macaroni and Cheese

My life is crazy, it’s absolutely crazy right now. Three weeks from Saturday I have an audition for the Iowa All-State Music Festival. It’s the biggest honor band you can take part of in your high school career, and it’s the hardest to prepare for. you have to know your scales, and they have to be accurate and in time, at a tempo that just seems ridiculous for a French Horn player. It’s not out of reach, it’s just creating a lot of stress.

Also while preparing for All State, it’s the middle of the marching band season. It was homecoming week, as well. The marching band had to march in the parade and play the half-time show at the game Friday. Saturday was the dance, and during the day, you guessed it, we have a competition. We are “hosting” it (with the two other schools in the district), so we can’t be judged with the other people, but we still get comments and we have to be serious about it. Then, Saturday night, we have the homecoming dance.

Currently, I feel like I have no time to sit down and enjoy what I want to. If I don’t have a band practice I should be studying, if I’m done studying I should practice horn, if I’m done practicing I should plan food to cook for this blog, and if I’m done planning that I should be cooking. I have to fit classes and sleep in there at some point. I just sometimes want November to be here, yeah we have finals, but band calms down and things are so much easier outside of the classroom.

A lot of people have their own techniques of stress relief. One of mine is cooking and eating macaroni and cheese. Another would be dancing around my house singing along with my iPod to songs that aren’t really meant to be danced to. But really, macaroni.

I’ve been trying all sorts of different combinations for the perfect mac and cheese. I have been close  but I haven’t quite gotten there yet, but I have been close several times. I don’t always have the time to mix up a homemade sauce every time I want to eat it, though, so I have also looked into finding a good box mix. I also sometimes eat the Stouffer’s frozen mac and cheese, it’s kind of gross, but it’s a cheesy guilty pleasure.

On Thursdays, I have a marching band practice, I don’t have time to cook. I have been stressed and I want macaroni. I attempted to make a boxed one that I got from Target.

I didn’t have high expectations, and that was probably alright.

When you make boxed mac and cheese, all you have to do is follow the instructions on the box. I can abridge them for you, though. Boil water, cook pasta, drain pasta, add sauce, then serve. There you go, it’s that simple. But I wanted it so bad I was okay that it was pretty much terrible. I don’t mean that it tasted horrible, but I mean that it was clearly from a box.

The pasta was a cute elbow macaroni, it was big and reminiscent of shells. Cheese sauce, though, came in a little pouch, and it looked like canned cheese product. I don’t know what I expected, I don’t know why I ended up sad.

It turned out the way that it was supposed to. It tasted fine, it served its purpose. But it is driving me to make a good batch from scratch soon. Maybe next Thursday night I’ll have time. Anyway, I wouldn’t really look forward to eating this stuff again, but I would if I had to.

Bonus video, because it reminds me of dancing cats.


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