Cheese on Bread won’t Kill You

I had free Friday night, which is absolutely crazy, but I really did enjoy the free time to relax and try something new.

I have an interest in grilled sandwiches, so much so that if there were a Facebook for food bloggers it would be listed under my interests. I don’t just mean grilled cheeses or paninis, but sandwiches that people eat cold that have been put on sliced bread and cooked. When I eat a homemade sandwich  I normally throw it in a pan and grill that baby, it’s  just what I do!

I have found some nice grilled sandwich ideas out there, and so I decided to go ahead and try one for dinner Friday (you can expect to see some more coming in the near future, especially with the cooler weather). I chose one that seemed to push me outside of my normal comfort zone.

The only reason it was out of the comfort zone was because it had avocado on it. I’m honestly not that big on avocado or guacamole or the like, it’s not that appealing to me. I truly wish it was, I know it tastes good to some people and I do like the texture, but that’s not really enough to get me to want to sit and eat it.

The sandwich was pretty well withing my comfort zone here on out, though. It had cheese, turkey, more cheese, and bread (well, duh!).

The bread was dipped on one side in an egg wash then into parmesan cheese before it went cheese side down into the spicy garlic butter that was sitting in the hot pan.

The cheese crust on the bread 

before it was cooked.

The crust that gave it was awesome. It was cheesy, but crispy, and it gave the simple bread something special.

The actual contents of the sandwich were turkey, muenster cheese, avocado, and no cilantro like the recipe called for (I was a little worried about how good it was actually going to taste once it was in the sandwich, you have to be careful with cilantro).

The finished sandwich.

I was not as happy-with the sandwich as a whole-as I was expecting. I don’t really know what was missing, but I was left craving something. I really did like the way that the crust on the outside turned out, it made me want to love the whole thing, rather than be slightly disappointed.

I wouldn’t do this one again, but I would try some others that were similar. It wasn’t terrible, but if avocado is up your alley, you might want to give this one a try.


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