Disregard Dinner; Acquire S’mores

Sometimes, life throws you marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate. Most of the time, it doesn’t, but sometimes the opportunity arises and making s’mores is just the best possible thing.

Nights like these, where less than a week ago you could wear shorts and a t-shirt but now you have to wear long pants and a jacket, are the best. They are the right kind of nights to stand around a grill and roast marshmallows while chatting with your friends.

These friends don’t have to be your best friends, they can be the ones that you see only a couple of times a month, the ones that you know because of some obscure activity that you are involved with so you have something cool for college resumes.

The night and the s’mores, they both contribute the the mood. The mood is something odd, it’s chill and relaxed, but it’s cold out, so you’re still focused on what’s really happening.

I’ve had s’mores out of this setting, I’ve made them over a toaster (obviously be careful  about dropping them into the toaster, we don’t need house fires), I’ve had them in a restaurant and made them myself over a mini fire, and I’ve even attempted to make them in a microwave.

The treat, the warm, gooey, chocolaty thing called a s’more, is something magical. It can change the way your day is going, it can put you in a good place to start the week, it can help you become better friends with people.

S’mores are magical. There is no other way to put it. They are even worth missing dinner for.

Unless you have ever choked on a s’more, you probably don’t have any sort of bad memories surrounding them. In fact, you probably have fantastic memories of camp or bonfires with people you love.

They bring joy, they share happiness. They just made my night, so if you have any sort of sadness in your life, go eat a s’more, and see where that takes you.


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