Kitties are Comforting

This past week I was home sick a couple of days. I had two different things going on, but the most recent thing is still hanging around and I’m ready to murder my immune system.

The cats seem to be really nice though. In a way that parents and siblings can’t seem to duplicate, they can comfort and warm you. They will sit on your lap and let you talk to them without cowering in fear of getting your germs. They sit so still, probably because you’re still from being exhausted, and they like the heat that you give off in your fevered state.

In all seriousness, though, cats are my friends when I’m stuck at home. I don’t care that they can’t talk to me about how stupid my cough is or whatever, but it’s really nice to have a pet that you can pretend to care for you.

I am a cat person because both of our pets are cats. I would probably be a dog person if we had a dog. I love house pets, I like domesticated animals. They don’t face the troubles that we do when we leave the house everyday, they have so little to worry about, and they are so loyal. I know that people think cats are snooty, but they need you to feed them, they love you even if it’s not super obvious every waking moment as it is with dogs.

I don’t really know, but I’m super grateful for the two kitties that are a part of my life, I’m very glad that they around to annoy each other and leave fur on my black pants.


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