I Enjoy Being Comfortable

I’ve been sick, still. Honestly, I hate it, I have an audition tomorrow and I have plenty of catch up work to do. I want to go see the play that’s going on at school this weekend, and I haven’t gone to my own church for about a month. I’m stressed, that’s what I’m trying to say to you. When I’m stressed, I like to eat yummy, comforting food.

Last night was one of those times where I really just wanted to eat steak and potatoes, so I did. We went to the store right after I had my French horn lesson, so we picked up some stuff there. We managed to get some little chuck sirloins that were on sale, and we bought some big potatoes that were good for baked potatoes. Because the meat was on sale and potatoes aren’t that expensive, it was a pretty cheap meal. It was also pretty easy to make.

We normally do mashed potatoes or some sort of pan-fried potato if we really want potatoes, but I was in the mood for a really good baked potato so I took the time to cook them in the oven. It’s pretty easy to get them good, with a crispy skin and a tender center. The key to the perfect potato is the hot oven. I’m serious, also rubbing the potatoes down with some olive oil helps the skins get crispy. If you have any intention of having some seasoning sprinkled on them, do it before you bake, just after you do the oil. We just did some fresh ground pepper and salt. They turned out tasty. If you do them like this, you can even eat the skin and not feel like you have to choke it down.

Potato with butter, sour cream, and some shredded cheese.

The steaks were also a bit different from normal. Also, it was rainy and cold yesterday, so we cooked the steaks on the stove, rather than the grill. These steaks were also a little small, like the right serving size, but they were thin, so they sort of curled when they got all hot. They cooked well other than having little meat bowls. Every time something like this happens, though, I have to remind myself that I haven’t been cooking that long, really, and I don’t have to have everything look perfect. We clipped the steaks a little bit so that they would flatten out and cook the rest of the way.

Steaks in the pan.

Finished steaks.

The potatoes were perfect, the steak was great, and I was pretty happy to have such a comforting, easy meal during a tough week.


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