My Caramel Apple Fell Apart

I didn’t make All Sate yesterday, it wasn’t a surprise, but I still wanted to do my best. It seemed to be a good experience, I mean I pushed myself to do something that was not at all required of me. However, doing an audition like that is pretty tiring, it’s short, but I had to get up early and it takes a lot of focus to stay calm enough to play like normal. It’s honestly a relief to be over with the preparation, though. Marching band is done as well, so now I have a lot more time to do the other things that I haven’t been able to do this fall, especially attempting to make different things to write about here.

I was thinking about what comes to mind when I think about fall treats and, other than pumpkin goodies, apples seemed to continue to come to mind. I didn’t want to have to do any crazy baking this weekend, so I went on an internet hunt for some ideas of what to do with some apples.

I went to some of the blogs I have been following for some inspiration, and the first one  I decided to head to was Iowa Girl Eats (I really like her blog, because she is from Iowa and so it’s relatable, but also if she buys something at Hy-Vee there is a really good chance that I’ll be able to find it at the one near me.) and I found this recipe right away.

I cheated, I went out and bought the chocolate and caramel, and not even the stuff that you have to put effort into melting. I bought a dipping chocolate, that you stick in the microwave for less than a minute, and a dipping caramel that didn’t even have to be heated up. The peanuts weren’t chopped, so we did them ourselves. That wasn’t hard.

I sliced the apple by hand, I didn’t cheat and use one of the weird wheel cutters. That’s for sissies. Actually, they won’t cut them thin enough and it would defeat the purpose to get a knife out and slice them thinner, just do it right the first time.

You lay the apples on a plate in a pretty pattern, so that they will all get a bit of the topping. Start with the chocolate, that way you can stick it in the fridge to set up, and it gives you a little time to chop the nuts if you didn’t buy them chopped. After you pull them out out of the fridge, drizzle or dollop the caramel on top and add the peanuts.

We didn’t use any Snickers, we had all the components on the apples already, that would have just been excessive. Also, I forgot to put the apples in the fridge before the caramel went down, so I put them into the freezer. The chocolate got really hard…

They were so yummy. I had a bit of a sweet tooth yesterday, it was really good. It was like a caramel apple that had fallen apart.


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