Chocolate Chip Cookies, Really

A while back I made this post about chocolate chip cookies. For whatever reason we used mini chocolarte chips and the cookies ended up a bit flat. They just weren’t what they normally are.

I had a half day a few days back and stirred up a storm in the kitchen with cooking, so I added just another thing to the to-do list, and made a batch that turned out far more photogenic than the others. You can get the recipe here (like I said in the other post, it’s not some secret recipe, the whole world is allowed to use it).

It’s just a single batch.

I am just taking this chance to remind you that it’s okay to do double batches, but be careful, it’s easier to mess them up when you are trying to make a double batch. That’s probably what happened with the other cookies.

Anyway, this is how they should look, beautiful and perfect. Now go make some, you deserve it!


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