Just over a week ago was Thanksgiving, and I haven’t written anything about it yet, so this will be my Thanksgiving post.

Normally my family goes to my grandparents’ house and the whole extended family eats there. My grandmother makes the turkey and the potatoes and everybody else brings a side dish to serve. Normally we end up taking something with cranberries, a homemade salsa or sauce. The whole experience isn’t terrible, the food is good, I love my family, but I get a bit stressed out in the big family situations.

I’m trying to say that we don’t regularly cook a full-out Thanksgiving dinner for the immediate family each year, and that’s why this year is special. My grandparents decided to go to Florida for the better part of November, and so they did not host our family holiday. My family (my mom, dad, brother, and cats) did our own thing, rather traditional, but different from what we are used to. We did our own turkey (with a brine), made rolls from scratch, made a cranberry sauces that had one orange in it, did some green beans, mashed potatoes that were next to perfect, an old fashioned pumpkin pie, and even our own stuffing.

Honestly the stuffing (not really stuffing, it’s dressing in this case because it never went inside the bird), was my favorite part of the of the day. It took a while to do, because there are several steps that you need to wait for and we also had some time constraints with the oven space (we need a double oven, or something). Anyway, it was so good and I’m glad that it was after so much time we had to spend cooking and smelling the thing.

We found a recipe out of one of the magazines that we got a while back. There were several ones that we were interested in trying, but we ended up with one that was classic Thanksgiving.

To make it, we got some take and bake bread from Target and baked it Tuesday night, then let it get a little stale then next day and a half. _MG_6242Then we toasted the little pieces. We had to let those little guys cool, then we covered it in butter and the seasonings, this was the point where it became really difficult  to not eat it (it was just too good).

IMG_6252Then we did the egg and vegetables right before it went back into the oven (it smelled so good when it was getting crispy).


You can learn how to do it here!! You should learn how to do it.

This stuff was so yummy, my dad even talked about how we should do it again sometime and he’s picky about his dressing.

This stuffing was so traditional, it was just what we needed. It had the normal onion and celery and we cut that down a little and chopped it tiny so that you didn’t hit a different texture while you were eating.

We did a really traditionally flavored meal, the green beans and cranberry sauce weren’t from the ’50’s, but they weren’t far out either. But you get some extra pictures this post, ones of things I haven’t really focused on. I’m just pleased with the way everything turned out.

The required vegetable.

The required vegetable.

Our homemade rolls. So buttery.

Our homemade rolls. So buttery.

Tom, the turkey.

Tom, the turkey.

The whole thing

The whole thing

The pie

The pie


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