Enchilada Lasagna

I have been in a slump lately because of it being dark fo much during the day. I’ve had this massive obsession with comfort food, though.

To me, comfort food is what’s normal or what we eat repeatedly  not just food that others think seems comforting. The food that reminds me of spending time as a child with my mother in the kitchen, like rolling enchiladas or making meatloaf. I’ve grown up now though, and I will be the one to start cooking dinner (I don’t cook on my own all of the time, but I can if I need to).

I like the red enchiladas that we make, we actually did some the weekend after Thanksgiving with leftover turkey, but I like to take something that I’m used to and change it up a bit. I found this recipe while drooling in front of my computer screen a while back and so I decided to save it and pull it out when it got a little colder.

Contents of the sauce, minus the sour cream (you can see it in the background).

That colder day came on a Wednesday a few weeks ago. Actually that day was pretty much devoted to cooking, I made some carbonara and a batch of chocolate chip cookies and then made this dish. After a day of cooking and washing dishes I really didn’t want to have to clean that much more, so I was pretty happy with the simplicity of the construction and minimal clean up (Pro tip: use bowls and a pan that can be thrown into the dish washer so that you don’t have to stick your hands in hot water and dry them out).

The big idea of this dish is layering, that’s what the word lasagna means. Other than that, the focus is on creamy cheesy goodness. The chicken and corn tortilla flavor are nice, but the layers and cheese are just fun.

Mixing the sauce that you use is the hardest part, because you have cold sour cream and room temperature condensed soup. Once you get over the fact that you will probably make a mess around the bowl, despite the mess things are fine.

Now you start construction, make sure you get a good amount of the sauce down before you try to put any tortillas down, otherwise the tortillas are going to stick to the bottom and you’ll have a hard time trying to serve it up. The next thing that’s a little tricky is that you will have to cut the tortillas to fit the pan, they are round and the pan is rectangular, half and quarter them (cut them, not house them) so you can get a good coverage each layer. If you do end up overlapping them make sure you spread a little bit of the sauce between them so that they don’t get tough or awkward.

It has to cover the entire bottom, I’m not kidding you.

The tortillas need to cover the entire thing, but its okay o have a few small gaps, just be sure to change the pattern each layer.

Then it’s pretty simple, you spread the sauce on top of the tortillas and put down a layer of the chicken (if you don’t like that you could shred it and mix it into the sauce to eliminate the somewhat awkward sprinkling of the chunks).

Awkward chicken chunks. These were almost too large.

And you add a good handful of cheese.

Then you lay down some more tortillas and start again. You should have three layers with meat, then you do the final laying of tortillas and top with the res  of the sauce and the rest of the cheese, it should almost cover the entire dish.

Lots of cheese.

Then it goes into the oven for a while at 450, until the cheese is bubbly and get a little brown.

You have to let it rest once you pull it out though, otherwise it wont set up and slice cleanly. We dug in really quickly and it got a little sloppy. That’s okay, but I took a pretty picture a little later once it set up.

The sloppiness was totally cool, this dish really isn’t meant to be all that pretty once it’s been cut, there really isn’t much color contrast, it just tastes good.

This makes awesome leftovers, too! I was able to even take a piece with me to school in a thermos and have it at lunch time, and it was still really good. We also froze the rest, but we haven’t gotten it back out yet so I can’t say how good it is just quite yet.

This is something that I would surely do again, it’s perfect for when it starts to get colder outside. I’m also insanely pleased with how well it works as left overs. You should defiantly give it a shot.


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