More Cookies

I made some more cookies yesterday. I know, it seems like I just made chocolate chip cookies, but I really needed to practice using cookie cutters (or rather getting roll-out dough to not stick to the counter). I also wanted to learn how to make royal icing, or at least try. Last Sunday I promised my Sunday School class cookies, so I had another excuse there, too.

Anyway, I made a batch of sugar cookies, using a recipe out of an old cookbook that we have, I think it’s a Better Homes and Gardens one. It’s a good recipe, it’s marked up a ton in the cookbook and it handles well even when having extra flour worked in while you roll it out to stab it with cookie cutters.

I learned the four thing the hard way, I guess you could say. I had several cookies stick to the counter really bad, so bad I scrapped them and just threw the dough back in the fridge to chill and floured the counter like crazy. Also, I baked the cookies on parchment paper, it made it supper easy to get them off (after having that run-in with the sticky counter I didn’t want any awkward cookies) and clean up the pans.

After the cookies cooled, I made some royal icing, following a random recipe that I found online that had meringue powder so that it was just powdered sugar, meringue powder, water, and vanilla extract. It was thick at first, but then we added a little more water and some food coloring and things loosened up and it was easier to work with. At one point, though, one of the colors was thinned too much, and the icing spilled off the edge of the cookie. Oh well. We learn new things every time that we do something.

The red turned out really light, so we had pink icing, we didn’t have a ton of coloring gel and I didn’t want to use the last of it up. Also, sprinkles are sometimes hard to control. Anyway, here, have some pictures from yesterday’s escapades.

_MG_6370 _MG_6365 _MG_6364



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