Rascal, the Sock Thief

I think its about time to write another cat post. This one will be dedicated to Rascal.

You know that Rascal likes to do adventurous things, right? He enjoys playing outside and would rather not be around Freyja. As the days get shorter (and they will soon start to get longer again) he can’t spend very much time outside. So, he get’s restless and he has to find something to do inside.

He doesn’t open himself up to play with Freyja or even when she is around, so it’s rare that we get him to play with us. But tonight’s a little different.

As my mom was folding socks and stuff Rascal pulled a Sherlock and decided to investigate. We have laundry baskets a lot like these, that have holes that are the right size to poke a paw through, they also  have a little give and that the cats find them enjoyable to play around. Rascal pokes his paws through and does a little playing with my mom’s hands, just being a little rascal. But then he thinks that he needs my socks, and grabs one. It had penguins on it, so he might have been attracted to the birds, but still, he wanted my socks!!

Anyway, I just thought that you may like to hear a Rascal update. He’s still spunky, he’s still cute, and he’s still really furry.

Bonus picture of him posing!



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