The Lunch Box

A while aback I wrote a post about how school I detest school lunched. I was pretty much just me whining about food that we get fed, and saying that I bring my own lunch. I tried to give some examples of what I bring, but I kind of failed, and I didn’t have very good specific examples. Since then, I have changed my routine a little bit (partially because I got burned out on some stuff and partially because it got colder so I have wanted to eat warm food).

Last week, on Monday, I stopped at Hy Vee on the way home from school to pick up some stuff for school lunches. I really like to have war m food since it’s winter and my thermos does a great job of keeping everything warm for a good amount of time. This little thermos had done a really good job for me so far, it’s defiantly already paid off (it was only about $15 and I have used it almost every school day for a few month). Anyway, I really wanted to think about other options for lunches after I had hit a rut the week before. I wasn’t eating anything that was really boring or anything, but I have done all of these things multiple times and I just wasn’t excited about eating it (I’m not complaining, I’m just trying to give insight on why I keep thinking about it, but also I like food, and I don’t want to have a “wasted” meal, I want to be able to enjoy everything that I eat).

When I got to the V (yeah, we call it that), I went straight to the canned food aisle and went to the ravioli. The canned ravioli, Chef Boyardee especially, is alright, it’s suggested serving size is half the can, but you can fit the whole can in the thermos, so it’s filling and that’s of great importance to a high school student. I picked up a can of both the beef and cheese ravioli, and I made my way across the store to the frozen section.

Let me use this as a break to say why I like to have to remade food for lunch. First of all, there is very little prep time outside of the microwave. I’m not a huge fan of the microwave, but it’s really easy to use, more so in the morning when you’re rushing to get out the door on time and do everything that you need to. Second, there is a good amount of variety. The frozen meal section has pasta, Asian food, low-fat meals, and even comfort foods, and over time these meals become easier to cook in the microwave, and they have started to taste better. And finally, the third reason is that they are meals. When you get a can of ravioli, it’s just the pasta and sauce, nothing else, you need to pack the rest of the food for lunch, otherwise lunch is going to be super boring. But when you get a frozen meal they normally have a side or a bit more diversity.

I ended up with a few frozen meals to have, too. I chose one that was orange chicken with rice, one that was ravioli (yeah, I know, it’s more pasta), and another one that I can’t remember. The downside of this though, is that the rice from the orange chicken meal got kind of really icky, it get really soft by lunch time, and so I pretty much just ate the chicken out of it. The chicken was good, but the rice really wasn’t.

My point is that even though it sounds really nice to make really fancy lunch-box lunches, it’s not practical and there are plenty of other options for lunches that taste good, are inexpensive, and don’t make you feel like a bad person. Frozen lunches aren’t for everyday, especially when you have leftovers, but they really do work. I have some chili that I can have for lunch a couple times this week, plus some leftover pasta, too. I don’t know how much actually prep I will actually have to do (other than hitting buttons on  microwave).

Plus, this is the last week of school before break and so I have several days where I’ll have time to leave campus for lunch. And that’s as fun as anything, albeit unhealthy if I go to Wendy’s or get Hy Vee Pizza.


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