New Year

A while ago I managed to catch this really cute picture of Freyja while she was yawning. It looks like something else, but either way she’s as cute as a kitten.

This last year was a great one, I had some fantastic opportunities that I took advantage of. I have even enjoyed writing this blog, and I hope to continue with a strong start.

I have some plans and hopes for what to focus on as the year goes by:

  • Kitchen Equipment: We have some stuff in the kitchen that I use sometimes, but I don’t really take advantage of everything that we have. My mom even received some cool new toys for Christmas, so I might even talk about those!
  • Regional Foods: I went to a cool German restaurant over my Christmas break and had some really good German food that was better than any I had before anywhere else. I want to learn how to make it, and some other food that’s not American and normal to me. This includes mediterranean food, Indian food, real Spanish food, you get the picture.
  • Cookbooks: I was given a new cookbook for Christmas, and I think I might get another one for my birthday this month. I want to do some cooking and blogging out of those and the others that we have in our kitchen. I have these great books that I don’t use much because of the internet.
  • Traffic: I also want to get some more traffic to my blog. I would like to have some more followers, some more views, some more comments. That means I hope to share my blog on some larger sites and tell more people about it. You can defiantly help if you would like, sharing is caring.

Okay, so those are the things that I would like to work on this year. Also better photography, but that’s always going to be something to work on. I hope to make improvements in all of these areas, and recommendations and such are always very helpful.

I hope you have a safe, healthy, and happy New Year. I know that mine has already been great.


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