Grilled Mozzarella Sandwich

So I made tomato soup and grilled cheese this week. But the soup and the grilled cheese were both a little special, the soup was homemade and the grilled cheese was made with moz and pesto. They both turned out really good, and I think that they will be made again at some point. But here’s how I did the sandwiches.

I decided to go with a caprese theme for dinner because I was using basil in the tomato soup. The sandwich continued the basil with some pesto and had the mozzarella, so as a whole the meal was caprese-like.

To start, I bought a nice loaf (it was not mean in anyway, the twist-tie is another story) of Italian bred from Hy-Vee, already sliced. [I boughta demi loaf earlier in the week and was trying to slice it, I ended up cutting my left forefinger and it bled a ton, through at least two band-aids. It was painful, but I didn’t bleed on the bread. I think I’m done trying to cut bread for a little while.] I had a jar of pesto in the fridge, and I bought a package of roll-out mozzarella (I didn’t know it existed either).

I think most people know how to do grilled cheese sandwiches, but I’ll still explain this anyway. I put down a nice layer of pesto on each slice of bread, not too much, but enough to taste good._MG_6734 Then I cut a few pieces of moz the fit the bread. I then put the cheese on one slice of bread, and put another on top (the one that went on top also had some pesto, too)._MG_6735

When the pan was nice and hot I brushed a little olive oil on the outside of the sandwich, both sides, and put it in the pan gently._MG_6745

The grilled cheese is finished when the cheese is melted and the outside of the sandwich is crunchy and golden.

Serve it with some tomato basil soup, and you’re golden._MG_6750 Dip it in there and get the bread nice and tomato-y and enjoy your beautiful life._MG_6752


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