Spam Fries

Go have a V8 or something, then come back. Just reading his will cause health problems for you. I have been into trying things with Spam after I ended up with a couple cans from a holiday party. I don’t know why they thought it would be awesome to bring Spam as a gift, all of the others were better, even the reindeer that pooped out jelly beans would have been better (probably because I love me some jelly beans).

Despite the Spam being forced upon me, I thought it would be a good chance to try something really strange for a blog post. This is crazy, that much is true, but it’s also a whole lot of fun. So just deal, and then try it out yourself.

Last weekend, I played around a little bit, and came up with this. I should remind you that these aren’t really snacks, and should be hardly enjoyed.

I used half a block of Spam, so if you do this, you’ll have twice as much I did.

To start, you need to heat up a small pan to medium/ medium low heat. Then you want to trim the edges of your Spam block, it’s rounded like the can, so slicing the edges will help to make the fries relatively similar in size and shape. UNIFORMITY RULES!_MG_6761

Next you need to cut your meat block into several quarter inch thick slices. After you do that, you can stack them back together and it doesn’t even look like you cut them._MG_6764_MG_6765

Stack the slices, and slice them into quarter inch thick sticks. You can keep the “fries” the length of the can, or you can cut them in half here if that floats you boat.Spam_Sticks

Now you toss the fries in the pan, no need for any oil or anything._MG_6776

Let them get nice and crispy on the side that’s down before you turn them. You will just have to watch them because I forgot to try to time it.

Once each side has gotten crispy, you can pull them out and put them on a plate lined with a paper towel._MG_6782

If you want to eat them, you can mix up some Sriracha mayo and use that for dipping. Or anything else that would go well with the saltiest thing you have eaten all year, like honey mustard (mix some up, don’t buy it, I’m sure you have honey and mustard). I also tried another dip, but it was gross, I can’t even tell you about it._MG_6786

Don’t eat these, unless you really need a boatload of salt. Even then, just drink salt water, it would be easier to swallow. I’m not kidding you, I son’t enjoy Spam in this fashion, it’s probably better in something, rather than on its own. I can almost garuntee that you will see more Spam in the future, I have another whole can I haven’t touched yet…


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