Left Over Magic

I am sitting in my AP Lang class, starving, wishing lunch was closer than 90 minutes away… But it is, and I have to deal with it and write about food.

We made these enchiladas the weekend after thanksgiving, so it’s been a while. But I really love this and I wanted to share them with you. We used left over turkey meat instead of chicken, and it really doesn’t change anything so feel free to do so. Once we used left over puller pork, and that was okay, but that was enough of a change to notice it, but it wan’t bad at all. I wouldn’t recommend ground beef, though, but then again I really don’t care much for it.

It’s magic because it’s using left over stuff to make something that’s almost yummier than the original (Thanksgiving was good, but I LOOOOOOVE me some enchiladas). It’s also magic because of how insanly good it is. [Oh my word. I need to make these tonight, I am craving them just from talking about them!]

To start you need this stuff:

  • 1 can of enchilada sauce
  • 1 can of cream of chicken (or mushroom if you are crazy)
  • 1 can of tomato soup
  • a package (about 12 oz) of shredded co-jack cheese

[If you double this recipe, do one can of mild and one can of hot for the enchilada sauce, it will turn out really yummy. I Promise you.]

And you need some shredded meat, don’t use ground… yuck._MG_6326

And some tortillas. If your tortillas are corn you should warm them in the microwave in a damp towel to soften them so they will roll nicly. Once you are done rolling them, they will stay that way when they dry, but you will probably have sauce on them before that time.


Now mix the stuff and pour some over the meat and save the rest…



Okay, so now you are ready to contstruct. Before we get too involved (I’m sorry, I need us to go slower, I’m not ready for this much this fast), we need to put down a thin layer of the sauce mixture in the bottom of the pan and spread it around.


Now we can keep moving on (heck, I’ll even go to prom with you). You need to arm yourself with a trotilla, and you need to get some of the meat and put a little in the middle and add a little cheese, and roll it up.



Keep doing this until you fill the pan. Let them get nice and cozy, but don’t shove them in too tight.



Now poor the sauce over the top and spread it around evenly.


Then, with the rest of the cheese you need to sprinkle the top, so it looks pretty when it’s done.


Pop that pan in the oven for a while at 350 and wait patiently.


When you serve them, serve it with rice and beans and sour cream to top them.


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