Party Foods

I have a birthday tomorrow, so I had two of my friends come over last night and we  ate some food that I made and watched the Princess Bride (oh what a good movie, sword fighting and love all in one, nothing better). I made a ton of food for only three people, but I liked how must of it turned out so I’m okay with the leftovers. I’m going to sort of gloss over everything because I didn’t take a ton of picture, I was just trying to get everything cooked on time.

To “start” I made these really cute spinach balls. I cut this recipe in half, and I substituted feta for parm, because I love feta with spinach. I used a cookie scoop to get them all about the same size, then I used my hands to get them into a ball.

I also had my first run-in with frozen spinach, it was weird to defrost it, and it smelled bad until I stopped heating it, but it worked well because it was already chopped and stuff. I really really like these. I don’t know that everyone that had them liked them, but it wasn’t an issue about them being bad, it was because they didn’t like spinach or onion (it happens, we are entitled to our flavor preferences)._MG_6827

I also made pretzels for the first time ever!


They turned out pretty well. I followed this recipe, but I did kind of burn the bottoms, so next time (oh yes, there will be a next time) I’ll be more careful or something.

I did a couple sizes, and even did some braids. I’m thinking about going into the German Bakery System (please tell me that this exists) once I graduate.




To go with these guys, I made some “beer” cheese. I followed this recipe, but used ginger ale instead of beer, I should have done ginger beer or something that was less sweet. I will be surely finding a different beer cheese recipe for when I make the pretzels again, but next time I’m also going to be investing in some good mustard research.

That’s the stuff that I’m really proud of, or excited about or whatnot. I also tried to do the corn dog bites that keep showing up on Pintrest and Facebook  But they stuck in the pan, so they weren’t pretty. I swear, I greased the pan, but whatever. They still tasted good, but that happens even if things are ugly.

I also made strawberry cupcakes. They were box mix, and I used the store-bought frosting. I was lazy, but they were delicious  I did both chocolate and strawberry. Oh man, I have to retain my self from going and eating on now.

That was about it. The movie was good, the friends were good, and the food was most defiantly good. Enjoy your week, eat some good food, try something new.


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