The Shiny New Toy

I sometimes feel like an inadequate individual when I remember that I don’t cook with cast iron. I feel like I don’t belong on the internet food circuit, that I am somehow less of a cook because of this. [Before you get too concerned, I am being facetious and I’ll be okay, just keep reading.]

This was resolved though, I was just gifted one yesterday (it may be my favorite gift from my parents). I have yet to try it out, or even try to build up a real seasoning. But to give you the run-down on what I got , It was a lodge, pre-season 10-inch. I am pleased and excited and all sorts of fun things.

It’s shiny, so its exciting.

I already have thought through what I would do if I ever were to get one, so I’ve looked into things. I know what I will do first!

I plan to make some bacon tomorrow or Thursday night to break it in, then I will make some cornbread (from scratch!!!) and eat it. At some point, I’m going to make a skillet cookie for a group of friends. And maybe one day I’ll cook mac and cheese in it, then bake it in the skillet and be as happy as can be. I know I should involve vegetables somehow, but I can’t even begin to think about it.

I know I will probably want to do an additional seasoning on it before I do anything, so we will see how that fits in with my enthusiasm to get cooking (if I can wait to actually do it).

I guess this is just sharing my excitment with you, and leting you know that one day soon, you will see me start to use the thing. It will be really prevelant the next month or so, since it’s new, but I am excited so you should be expecting it.


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