Before you continue, I made this pasta (and this post) a while ago, but it never got posted. I kind of wish it had been, because the lighting in the pictures is better than a lot of my more recent ones. I hope you enjoy!

It’s an exiting day when you get to have pasta for lunch  It’s even more exciting when you get to make it fresh for yourself. What’s even more exciting than that is when you get to use pancetta.

It was a first-time pancetta experience for me, I mean I’ve tasted it before and I’ve watched others use it, but I had never used it myself. I’m not completely sure I did everything the “right” way, but it didn’t burn and it still ended up tasting really good.

Crispy pancetta

Wednesday was an early dismissal  so I didn’t have to eat lunch at school. On those days sometimes I run to Hy-Vee to pick up some Chinese or pizza, but I really wanted pasta on Wednesday. I had to fight my way out of the KPL to make it home with reasonable time to cook for myself.

I have been really interested in trying some new things with pasta, other than the basic tomato or alfredo sauces. I looked into some carbonara recipes after seeing some really yummy looking pictures around the internet. I looked up the actually way of doing things, that had a good explanation and I could follow, because this was something completely new to me.

I went with this recipe, but it’s written to serve four people, and I’m only one person and I didn’t know if i would like the leftovers. I had to cut it down then, and because of that I messed up the cheese and egg ratio, and I probably had too little pasta.

You can read the recipe on your own, it’s pretty simple, I don’t need to tell you everything about it. However, make sure you salt the past water enough, even if you think you have, add a little bit more, it’s your only chance to salt the pasta. Still on the lines of pasta water, put some aside before you drain the pasta, this way you can bring the temp of the eggs up by beating a little water into them so they don’t fry when they hit the pan. I didn’t do this, so the eggs were thick, and it wasn’t quite right.

You should cook the pancetta before you start thinking about beating the eggs, but it goes back in when the eggs do, so I’ll explain something helpful here. Cook the pancetta so it’s a little crunchy, but be careful not to burn it. It’s really nice to bit into a fork of pasta and get a crunchy little piece of salty meat.

The longest thing about this lunch was cooking the pasta, the pancetta cooked quickly, the and then you pretty much just add everything together. I was happy that I was able to have such a good, filling lunch on a half day, and I didn’t have to go out and buy it. I also really like this meal because it’s different from normal, but we always have all of the ingredients on hand. It might be one of my go-to half-day lunches now. I’m honestly really pleased with this, you should defiantly try it, or at least have some sort of pasta for dinner.


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