Let’s Face the Issues

Most of you that know me in real life know that my skin is not the best. Actually, my skin is really sensitive and acne-prone. [Wait, why am I talking about this on a food blog? Just be patient please.] Because of all the ance medications that I use, my face gets super dry, which is really not cool because my skin gets  dry in the winter anyway. I have figured out some ways of combatting this dry face, though, and I would like to share my tricks with you.

  • Keep lip balm on you at all times. In your backpack, in your purse, in your pocket, on your nightstand, next to your sink, in the kitchen, in your nail polish basket, next to your computer, and have a couple of tubes of back up in the cupboard incase you lose one of these or they run out. As a horn player, this is really important, a cracked lip can make you go mad… Keep your lips moisturized. I like to use Hurraw Balm (I found it on a rafting trip a couple of years back and bought a couple of tubes, used it up, then ordered more this fall. I will  make a special post about it, but I gave one away to a tuba friend and converted him to the stuff. It’s good balm, go get some.), it’s my favorite type of bam and yeah…
  • Don’t touch your face. If it’s dry, it will get red whenever something changes in the environment, you don’t need it to get red because you didn’t have the neck muscles to hold your head up in class… And don’t scratch it, even if it itches, heaven forbid you have scratch marks on your face in school! I speak from experience here, I have rested my cheek on my hand while watching TED talks and ended up with a red blotchy spot, and I have scratched and itch on my cheek and it looked like Freyja had attacked me.
  • If it hurts, don’t do it. Don’t scrub you face too hard, don’t use a face wash that makes you cringe, don’t use scrubs that make you bleed. Obviously some prescriptions are going to cause a little discomfort, but if they hurt you, you should talk to your doctor. No pain no gain does not apply here.
  • Use a real lotion, one that is meant to mosturize not smell good. This is pretty simple, the smelly ones aren’t as effective, and when you are dry you want to fix it for a while, not two minutes.
  • Back to the first point: Lip balm can go on more than your lips. Obviously the manufactures made it for the skin on your lips, but iff your nose is chapped, it’s okay to use some there. Also, if you have really dry knuckles and one cracks, lip balm can help cover it and moisturize it until it heals. I love lip balm incase you haven’t noticed.ConfessionBear

These are just a few of the tricks that I use, the ones that probably come up multiple times a day, and I have more. These can apply to you even if you skin isn’t caused because of treatments.

I just hope you don’t get too flaky.



  1. I know exactly what you mean! If you don’t mind me asking, what medication are you on? I am on Acutain and you seem to have the exact same symptoms as me. My lips get dry constantly. I use chap stick 24/7 unless I’m eating or brusing my teeth. I even have to wear it in the shower. A good moisterizer/lotion I use on my face is CeraVe, it comes in a jar and is pretty expensive for a pound jar. At Walmart it’s about $13 but it works amazing. http://compare.ebay.com/like/150699054659?var=lv&ltyp=AllFixedPriceItemTypes&var=sbar , There is the link to an Ebay site for the CeraVe. Also, where can you buy the Hurraw Balm you mentioned? I would like to get it(:


    1. I use a topical wipe, it’s an antibiotic, I just started it though. It’s working pretty well so far other than it constantly drying me out. If this doesn’t work, acutane is the next thing to try (but I think this might be the end of my searching). You can follow the link right in the post (it’s the orange text) to get to the website, and you can only order it online righ now. They have some places in big cities that sell it, but none in the Midwest. It’s pretty quick shipping, even though it comes through the mail. I think it’s worth ordering it online, it’s less than $4 a tube, and it’s a good company.


  2. A wipe? I’ve never heard of that, lol. Before I did actutain, I was on atleast 3 other pills and a couple of topical creams and none worked long term. They did for the first couple of months but I was prone to it, I guess. How long have you been on yours?


    1. Yeah, it’s apparently pretty new to the market. I use a tretinoin cream too, I have used that for almost a year now, but the wipes I’ve been on for only a couple weeks, before that I was just doing a bc pill (that I still take). I can totally relate though, itt takes forever to figure out what will work. I have become so much more patient just with dealing with my skin, haha.


  3. Oh, I see. And yeah it takes so much time to figure out what will really work. But honestly if you’ve heard a lot of bad/scary things about acutain don’t be afraid of it. It’s pretty intense and it dries your skin out like no other, but it works wonders and it works fast. I’ve been on it for four months and I’ll be done in about a week. I’ve had no crazy side effects or anything so if you feel like what you’re doing now isn’t working or it stops working, don’t be afraid to try acutain. I hope everything goes well for you(: Thanks for the tips!


    1. I hear that a lot about Acutane, but I guess the people who have had bad experiences are jsut louder about it. Thanks! I really apreciate your feedback, I’m glad I could help 🙂


  4. This is kind of like texting eachother while being in the same room, I think it’s funny how we’re commenting instead of talking but it’s so quiet and it’s a touchy subject for me so I would rather comment lol I just thought it was funny(:


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