Honey Glazed Salmon

Lent is coming up, and even though I’m not Catholic and my family doesn’t practice No-Meat Fridays, I do get super excited about fish. My favorite kind of fish is salmon, so when I found this recipe  I was super crazy excited to try it out.

I made the quinoa salad that’s on that page as well, but the asparagus at the store looked pitiful, so we omitted that for the time being. Hey, who cares if I followed that recipe exactly? I just needed some inspiration.

To start I got two salmon fillets (about 5 oz a piece), some chopped walnuts, a lemon,some Dijon, some honey, some Worcestershire sauce, some melted butter, and some salt and pepper.

I mixed all of the stuff except the walnuts and salmon together in a bowl.IMG_6933

IMG_6935Put the salmon into a greased (Pam-ed) pan. IMG_6936And then pour the honey mustard mixture over the top.

Then I sprinkled it with some walnuts (I didn’t chop them any further than they way they came from the store, so the hunks of nuts were huge, I would reccomend giving them another rough chop though).IMG_6938

IMG_6939And pop it into the oven at 400 for about twenty minutes.IMG_6941

This will make your house smell really good and it will be reallyhard to wait. BUT YOU MUST!IMG_6942

Okay, so that salmon is done. You should let it cool for just a minute, then serve yourself and your dinner partner. Scoop up the extra walnuts that are left in the pan and put them on top of each fillet.IMG_6946

Other than the salmon, the other ingredients are regularly in our cupboard and fridge, so it’s any easy dish to prepare, and it’s not that hard to prep. I think that this one will have to stay on the possible list for special dinners.

I served it with the quinoa salad, you can see my process here.IMG_6944

This meal was the nice end to a great day with my mom, so she was the one that I got to share with. We went to see Les Mis (finally, I know) and had some good quality girl time. She also helped me cook, which makes the whole cooking thing just that more enjoyable. She enjoyed the salmon, though, so we will probably have to make it again sometime (probably when my brother is home next, I think he might enjoy it).


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