Music is the Light in The Dark that We Call School

Maybe I don’t dislike school as I make it seem, I like reading about the past and writing about things that interest me, and I even occasionally get a kick out of doing math and physics, but right now, I get really bored. I haven’t always had this problem, but my early onset senoiritis (I’m a junior, now you know the joke…) is really bugging me right now, and I have to find solutions to the problem so that I can get through the day without zoning out in all of my classes.

The main thing that helps is having music playing when I write something on the computer or do worksheets, not writing essays or big projects, but blog posts and simple things that I can do in one sitting. Pandora is great, but so is my iPod. I think that the monotony of computer work can really wear us down. Point in case: last thursday third through fifth hour we were sitting in front of computers and expected to write essays or blogs. Normally I like having a lot of time to work on what I need to get done, but to be honest, with the head ache that I had I really could not manage to get anything done by the end of fifth hour. I know that with music the situation would have been better, but I forgot my ear buds that day and so that wasn’t even remotely an option.

Also band and choir really keep me sane. I am in the top band, and the top core choir, so there is much expected of us, but at the same time we get to sing and play really neat music (Eric Whitacre, anyone?!?) and have a lot of fun while doing it. Having two periods of relaxing music really helps me. Band is the first hour of school, but I have an early math class that meets before then, but in general, band is the best way to start the day, with my friends around me and my horn in my hands. And we have choir every other day fourth period, so on choir days it breaks the day up and gives a nice burst of music in the middle of the horribly boring day.

My point is that music is super important to me, even in school, it helps a lot. It really keeps me sane, it’s not just a hobby but it’s a love of mine.



    1. Props to you for catching that! But really, music is the best part of my day. What instrument or voice part are you? Sopranos always have fun with Whitacre pieces!


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