Counting Calories

I’m a little burnt out on cooking right now, I haven’t found myself craving anything but a Wendy’s cheeseburger for last week or so (I am trying super hard to avoid fast food until spring break but I am ready to crack. I don’t even eat it often, but when I tell myself I can’t have it, I REALLY want it!). That’s caused me to not have much motivation to cook anything new, let alone take pictures of it and share it with y’all. So I am sorry, my next post I should be getting back on track with the whole cooking food thing, but you never know. Maybe I’ll go to Newbo tomorrow and blog about that. I dunno.

The fast food avoidance is not because I am counting calories, and it’s definitely not for Lent (sorry Lutherans and Catholics), But counting calories has come up a lot recently. On reddit these pictures were circulating the main pages as well as some of the food-specific ones. I think that they are a really good visual of calories, how some foods are super heavy calorie wise, while others aren’t (like the celery). If you didn’t follow that link, please take a second and go check it out quickly, I can wait(make sure you view the entire album, there’s a little button at the bottom of the first set that will load the rest for you).

And then today I was not doing what I needed to be during physics and NPR News linked to this story on Twitter and I just had to read it because the calorimetry (lol, calories) problems seemed so boring and technically kilocalories relates to Calorie counting. And in the video (yes, go read that article and WATCH THE VIDEO TOO) they did more of the math that I was supposed to be practicing, so maybe I wasn’t too off topic.

I think that it’s pretty interesting that things were as far off as they were, discrepancies like that are just too much to handle. As shown in the video, that had so much of an impact on his actual caloric intake, that it could easily throw someone who is trying to diet.

I don’t really know what point I’m trying to make, but I think it’s pretty interesting that things are as far off as they are. Just keep it in mind when you are trying to count calories, even though it’s kind of silly to worry about calories only and not about sodium or fat content. Also I wanted to share this interesting piece of the internet with you.


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