Home Sweet Home

Last week was my spring break, and I went to Ireland with the band. We marched in the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Dublin and a band parade in Limerick the following day. We also played some chamber music in a couple of churches and got to do a visit to a high school in Belfast. The trip took a long time to plan and we had so many rehearsals leading up to our departure, but everything was entirely worth it. The super cool thing about it all was that it wasn’t just my high school band that went, it was a combination of the three high schools in the city district. The entire ensemble was just above 90 people and we had some other students and adults that were with us, so it was a big group.

The whole combination of band programs was actually pretty neat, I got to know a few people from the other schools and I’ll be able to see them when solo contest rolls around in two weeks (I’ll tell you about my fear for my solo later). We had a really strong mellophone sections with nine members, which is over twice what I’m used to (this year we had four, last year there were only three of us). The marching was also neat, even though the parade in Dublin felt like an eternity and there were thousands of people around. We met this little band from Germany that had some pretty cute trumpet players, but they spoke German and we don’t so that didn’t go over that well.

Anyway, the food was great. I love my some awesome potatoes so that was pretty easy to take care of. I had fish at least six times during the trip and that made me beyond happy. I know I have made it as a home cook because we were served salmon with a honey mustard sauce one night and I was all like, “I did that before it was cool!” I didn’t have any beef while I was there, but when we were on our way back from the airport I got a cheeseburger from McDonald’s (Shhhh, I won’t do it again, I promise). There were some really cute cafes around, too. One of the ones we went to in Dublin had these amazing sandwiches so we went back. The first time there I got a chicken, spinach, bacon sandwich and the second time I got and open-faced tuna melt. Both were delicious, but also the staff was pretty cute too (oh man, I’m objectifying men left and right today, I’m sorry).

I bought some tes for my father, and some chocolate, but other than that I don’t have anything that would really be edible that I brought back. I did get a couple of new hot pads though, so they will make their way into some pictures soon, hopefully. I’ll talk about the chocolate later, too, once I have eaten it all.

The trip was great, the people of Ireland (and Northern Ireland) were very hospitable, the scenery was beautiful, and the food was wonderful. I hope to someday return, but if not I’m glad that I was able to at least visit once.


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