Not Pizza, But Still

So a while ago, I found some really nice looking pictures of a couple of calzones I made. I made them months ago, though, and I hardly intended to write about them, but now the pictures look good and I didn’t make anything exciting this week so I feel the urge to talk about them.

The key to making calzones to to be super comfortable with the dough you are working with. That means use a recipe you are used to, not one you are trying for the first time EVER!

Next thing to keep in mind is the level of filling, don’t under fill and don’t over fill. This takes practice and it’s more than okay to mess it up, especially if you like oven-baked cheesy goodness.IMG_6190.2

And finally, do an egg wash or brush with olive oil. It’s also appropriate to poke a couple of holes to allow venting. Then bake them until they are beautiful and golden brown.IMG_6189.2

I’m sorry I don’t really have a lot more to say, but enjoy the pictures anyway.IMG_6191

The thing about calzones though, is that they are a good way of changing up your stuck-in-a-rut pizza habits. Also who doesn’t love gooey pockets of cheese and meat?!?


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