It’s Not Really All About the Icing

As a cupcake eater I have encountered a lot of cupcakes. Some are really good, others are not. I have made good cupcakes, and I have made not-so-good cupcakes, but weather or not I have personally made the cupcakes, the icing (or frosting, I call it both, it’s sugar) always comes into question.

Even if I make the cupcakes from a box mix (trust me, I do it more than I would like to admit), and the frosting is out of a can (no regrets, that stuff tastes awesome, even if it’s entirely bad for you), people end up talking about the frosting. That’s not what the cupcakes are about, though!!!

I put a lot of work in to mixing the cake and making sure that it bakes perfectly, the frosting takes but a few seconds with the mixer! The cake is never boring, either! I made some really good citrus cupcakes that had a good consistency and density, and they kicked butt (excuse my pride), so why do people get so excited about the stuff on top?

My thought is that it’s because it is on top. It’s what people see (and taste) first. It’s also really prominent, it’s almost always at least half the size of the cupcake itself, so it’s a big deal.

My thoughts about frosting in relation to cupcakes comes from my Thursday night. I went to the Newbo City Market and picked up a half dozen cupcakes from That One Cupcake Place (check out their page and their crazy flavor combos). I didn’t personally eat all of them, but I tried most of them. The flavors we bought were Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake, Red Velvet, Mint Oreo, Monster, and Banana. They are amazing cupcakes with amazing texture and flavor and great icings. But the icings aren’t all that’s going for them.

Here are some pictures to drool over. I didn’t have to foresight to photograph all of them before we devoured them.





To be honest, I think the Mint Oreo was my favorite, even the cake had a minty flavor. I also really liked the Red Velvet, the red was really read, but the cake was moist and wonderful and the frosting was not overpowering. And the banana one was also fantastic, there were chocolate chips in the cupcake and the cake was like banana bread, but not.

I honestly have to restrain myself from returning to Newbo next Thursday night and buying all the cupcakes I can afford because these cupcakes are that good. They need to remain a treat though, or one might become too spoiled.


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