When you decide to change your diet for the better, or the worse I guess, it takes some planning and thinking to make sure that you actually make the changes that you want to make. This especially applies to Meat Free Mondays. Mostly because Mondays are really hard as it is, so you need to not have to make that many decisions in the moment. It’s best to figure it out ahead of time, even if it is Sunday night.

I really like to have my breakfast ready ahead of time, if it’s hummus, I portion it out and make sure that the pita chips are ready to go when I need it. If I do breakfast bites, I make them Sunday night and have them in their respective containers to be reheated and eaten in the morning on the drive to school. Since I’m not doing meat on Mondays, I made them with peppers and onion tonight so that I still have some good flavor without the sausage or bacon.

Then for lunch, since I’m not having hummus and pita chips for breakfast, that will be lunch. Along with a granola or nut bar and some juice. I eat lunch late, so I can come home and have a nice afternoon snack of an apple of something right away. Also water helps keep me full in the morning, lunch is so late and other than snacking there is nothing I can do (I could rant for a full blog post about the silliness of the lunch schedules at my school, but that’s for another day).

For dinner, I was thinking of doing a mushroom and green pepper calzone or personal pizza. I originally wanted to grill, but I think there might be some rain tomorrow night and it would just be easier to keep things indoors. I hope to saute the peppers and mushrooms just a little bit before I mix in some cheese and put it on or in the crust. The mushrooms are the “meat” and the peppers give it some kick. Also it lets me use a nice portabella I got at Newbo and the rest of the pepper that’s left over from the breakfast bites. See, planning is good, especially in regards to making sure to use all of the fresh produce.

That should be all there is. I am looking forward to my second Monday without meat. If you have any comments or suggestions, I would LOVE to hear them!


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