I Got Super Lazy

My second Meatless Monday went relatively well, I didn’t feel the greatest so I didn’t really have cravings for anything meat. Except the white chili that my mother and I had made the night before, it was really good and I think I’m addicted to it. We have made it before, and I always want to eat the entire pot in one sitting… So I might have to figure out how to make a vegetarian version so I can make it on Mondays and be very happy.

Anyway, I did not want to cook on Monday night but I had to feed myself and I had a beautiful mushroom that I needed to use. Also, when cutting it up, it sort of looked like a mustache, so that’s pretty cool._MG_7171IMG_7178

So I sautéed the mushroom and threw it on a premade pizza crust with a premade pizza sauce with some left over green peppers. It was really lazy.

It was out of a can, and it exploded (well kind of) when I opened it. Then I had to prebake it because that’s what the container told by to do and heaven forbid I do something other than what the MAN tells me. After It was prebaked I topped it like any normal person would with the sauce and the cheese and the mushrooms and peppers.

The mushrooms were pretty hefty, so I had to saute them to tenderize them a bit. I did that with some olive oil until they shrunk down and got all soft on me. I didn’t do anything with the peppers other them slice them into some adorable sticks. Sorry that I am being all fond of the food I cook, I honestly find it all to be adorable and tasty.


Then you gotta put it back in the oven until the cheese melts and the crust gets a nice golden brown.

Let it cool and then cut it. Realize that if you use a rectangular pan with an edge, it will be impossible to use a rolling pizza cutter. Cry out of frustration until you realize you can use a regular knife. Then eat your pizza while catching up on Psych because your Wednesday TV-watching schedule is crazy and you can’t fit everything in if you have the hopes of completing that one AP assignment, but you really want to watch Psych so you do it while you eat.IMG_7187

Sorry, I did not intend to dump my problems on you like that. It just happens sometimes. Despite the issues, it was a good pizza, it filled me up, and it had no meat.IMG_7184


One Comment

  1. A) This looks like a food art blog. Whenever I come here there’s always something new and tasty and it really makes me want to cook.
    B) this all looks so delicious can i just eat your blog like really
    C) mustache mushrooms are adorable


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