Why Blogs are the Future

As I have been cooking and following recipes more this year than ever before, I have realized something.

Cookbooks are going to die.

Not like all of a sudden they will all simultaneously combust or something, but rather over time the internet will be the main source of recipes. The videos and pictures that can be found online cover so much more of the process than you find in any cookbook (other than those published by food bloggers like Ree). You can follow along step by step with the pictures on your laptop next to your stove, or even on your smart phone or tablet.

Techniques that people regularly struggle with are also addressed on blogs and other cooking websites. If there isn’t a specific post about how to pit an avocado, they’ll tell you how to do it in their post about guacamole. Also, these people have made mistakes while pitting avocados and will tell you what you really need to make sure that you avoid while you do it yourself.

These writers or bloggers have already made mistakes with the recipes that they are posting, and they have done their best to fix these problems. You can trust these recipes that they post, they have made them and you see the pictures of them. If they don’t like how it turned out, either they won’t post it or they will tell you about it in their post. Trust me, I’m one of them. Comments are also really good in this aspect, too. If someone made this recipe on their own and it turned out like a hockey puck and it was meant to be soup, they’ll say so and probably say why it was so awful (these people may be terrible at cooking, but hey, if they took their time to comment, you should probably at least think about it). I really think this is one of the biggest pros of food blogging because I can trust a recipe I pull off of The Brown Eyed Baker’s blog and make it and know that it will turn out because she knows what she’s doing and her cupcakes always turn out.

Finally, the number of food blogs and websites that are out there are too numerous to count. And they are almost all free to anyone on the web. A few do cost, and it does cost money to have internet access, but you don’t have to buy a whole cookbook for that one ethnic meal you really want to try, but you probably won’t ever make anything else from the book.

Maybe it’s my generation, we think the internet is the entire future, but with all the information out there, it probably is. Blogs are important, especially with food. We can learn so much so quickly and teach ourselves to love food while not stressing. Everything is on our own time, and we can reach whatever level of skill we want depending on how much reading and learning we are willing to do.

Go forth, support other food bloggers, and enjoy the new-found love of food because of the internet.


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