What You Learn By Documentation

Documentation probably makes you think of maintaining boring records of sales and profits over the year or writing down what happened in your physics lab. It’s not an inherently bad word, but it does have some negative connotations for most people. As I have been blogging I take a lot of pictures of my food, whether I intend on actually sharing them or not. Because I have so many pictures of the food I cook, I have a lot of visual reminders of what I made several months back. I also would like to think that my pictures have improved.

Here are some examples.

I have become more comfortable with the camera and the settings to use if I want a really nice picture. I know that I should always shoot in as much natural light as I can manage, but that was really challenging over the winter when we had light for only a couple of hours after school got out. I have developed habits of presentation, and I always use the brown and tan plates to serve my food. It’s funny because we have other plates, but I don’t use them. These are just three examples, but really, look at any of my other posts, these are the only plates that I use.


fish and chips


Another thing that you notice when you can actually look back on all of your adventures via pictures, is how well you were able to cook things. You can’t taste the food through the pictures, but the pictures help you remember. Also the pictures do show some technique, like knife skills. I wasn’t terrible last fall, but I can now chop onion like there’s not tomorrow. And the pieces are more uniform. this applies to baking, as well. I have mentioned in a couple of my posts about chocolate chip cookies that they don’t always turn out the same, and we can see that this is true.



Finally, it’s fun to see the habits that I have formed as I have been cooking and taking pictures, like with the plates, or the way that I cut food in half to show the inside, it’s always at the same angle…

finished toad in the hole



… Well kind of.

I’ve thinking a lot about how things have changed since September even thought it hasn’t been that long. I have over 8 gb of pictures of food from just this school year, and the newer they are, the better they look. But still, it’s a ton of pictures and even though there are not any people or cats in those pictures, they are full of memories, like the Lego cake or the Christmas cookies I shared with my Sunday school class.



Good times, good food, good pictures, great lessons learned.


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