The Best Way to Make a Pizza

You know how I received a cast iron skillet for my birthday, then a few months later I ended up with a second one? Yeah, that happened, so we have been trying to get some good use out of them. One way is bake your pizza in the skillet. I know that there are tons of deep-dish skillet pizza recipes out there, especially on the food pages of Reddit, but trust me, you can use what ever process you want and it will turn out fine as long as you are mindful of it.

To start, you want to preheat your oven to whatever temp that you normally use when you make pizza (whatever temp that your crust recipe tells you, I guess). Then make the dough for you crust, doing whatever you normally do, we use a box mix that turns out pretty nice normally.

Once the dough is ready to be worked with, squish it into the skillet, all the way to the edges, you don’t have to make a crust around the edges, but it kind of just happens anyway.IMG_7248

Once this has been accomplished, spread the sauce around and top it with what ever toppings you like. We went with pepperoni, Canadian bacon, sausage, and small pieces of bacon.IMG_7250

Throw it in the oven until it looks beautiful, just like then. Pull it out and let it cool for a few moments then cut it up and serve it up.IMG_7251

The crust wasn’t incredibly thick, but the edges were nice, and it was pretty. It’s not the only way to ever to pizza, but it sure is one of the best.IMG_7255

Make sure that you have fun with your cast iron skillet, folks.


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