Spring-Time Food

As the days of the year pass by, it continually gets warmer and the pollen count increases. It’s miserable to be honest. Even though I am not that greatly affected by allergies, I am surrounded by people that are, and I feel for them-it has to be miserable. BUT the weather is as gorgeous as it has ever been, the sun shines, the birds sing (except that’s not so cool at 5:30 on Saturday and Sunday mornings when I greatly need sleep), the back-yard fires burn, the grills grill, and the students stir with the hopes of persuading teachers into holding class outside.

But all of these things cannot compare to the spring food that happens. Whether it’s strawberry cupcakes or caprese chicken, even the food is light and springy.

Let me tell you about this caprese chicken, though. It’s great. That’s all.IMG_7306

Just kidding, not that it’s not great, but that is not all I’ll tell you about it. The recipe comes from Iowa Girl Eats. Have I told you that I greatly enjoy her blog? I really do.

I pretty much did everything that she did, but I didn’t do it in the same order, so my chicken looks a bit different. To start, you’ll need as many chicken breasts as you have mouths to feed (unless you have a guest that has two mouths, then you should ask them how many helpings they want, ’cause who knows how many stomachs they have?!?). Make sure these are defrosted, then pound them out so that they are nice and flat.

While this is happening have your kitchen buddy wilt down some spinach with some olive oil and minced garlic. Once it’s wilted, let it cool until you need it.

So the chicken is nice and flat, the spinach is wilted, and magically the mozzarella and tomatoes are sliced. Make sure everything is in close reach, because your hands may get messy. To start, place some of the spinach mixture on one side of the chicken, then lay a piece of basil on top of it. Then a couple of tomato slices, and a couple of moz slices right on top of that. Fold the chicken over and stick a toothpick or two in it to secure the chicken.IMG_7298 Salt and pepper them a little and pop ’em in the oven at 350 until the chicken is cooked.IMG_7304

We ate it with roasted broccoli, just like Kristen did in her post. The whole thing was wonderful. I love how light and springy it was. I don’t know what I’ll do in the summer when I want to make it but don’t really want to turn the oven on. Hmm. Oh well, I’ll make it work.


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