What started out as an assignment for an AP Lang class during Junior year turned into an obsession and a hobby. Cooking and writing are some of my favorite things, so it makes sense that food blogging would be enjoyable. As for the name, well it was a quick decision when we were assigned to blog, but I works and I am sticking to it now.

I am currently a freshman in college, going to school about seven hours away from home (away from my kitchen and my cats). I am majoring in public relations and I’m also a member of the honors program on campus. In my free time at school I like to watch Netflix (currently addicted to Parenthood) and browse the internet (Pinterest) to find recipes to cook once I’m home. At home, I generally have more free time, and so I cook, read, watch movies with my family, cuddle my cats, and hand-make greeting cards.

I hope that you enjoy the blog. Click around and see what you enjoy. Feel free to share things on Facebook or Twitter, or find me on either on!

These two cuties make appearances regularly, even though they aren’t the ones cooking.
Rascal is about 14 years old. He’s still playful and loves to go outside, but he does love to sleep a lot.
Freyja is about 4 years old. She stole my heart when we got her. I knew I liked cats, but she’s my baby. She’s got long fur, she’s picky, and she’s an all-around princess.
With these two being introduced, one may believe that I am a cat person, and I am, but I don’t dislike dogs or other animals. Actually I really like dogs. But I love MY cats.


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