Where Have I Been?

Lots of places, but mostly not here. And by here I mean the blog, and my home town, and my own home. But this is okay, because I am growing up and becoming an adult person and that’s important. But I lot has happened since the end of my junior year, and all that you’ve seen is that I took accutane…


Candy bar at my graduation party.

There’s been a lot more. Senior year was filled with happiness: I was a drum major, I took loads of AP classes, I chose where to go to college (I’m there now!), I went to prom, I graduated, and we held a party.

Then in the summer I died my hair pink, I went to camp, I learned to kick box, I went to Kings Island, and I packed for college. And let me just tell you, this first semester at school has been crazy busy, but crazy fun. I moved in a few days early for the honors program, I played paint twister with the girls on my hall, I made enchiladas for hall dinner, the hall tried our hand at synchronized swimming, I went to Zumba classes, I missed my cat and my kitchen, I     met an orange cat that was rather sweet, I ate a lot of Chick-fil-A, I went to classes, I got mail, I signed up to go to Uganda in May, I made new friends, painted my face like a deer for Halloween, passed all my tests, survived finals, and made it home in mostly one piece.


Trying to mix enchilada filling in a plastic bowl with a small fork. Such is dorm life.


Making enchiladas somewhat successfully.


They made it into the oven. I count it as success. My hall mates liked them too, so that’s a plus.


Orange campus cat.

But through all of the activities in which I participated, and all the events I attended, I did not blog about any of them. I did not make food and chronicle the process nor the outcome, and I felt like something was missing. My time was well invested in the activities I was doing, but I did not have a good source of stress relief nor did I have an activity that was just for me and my own satisfaction (apart from Netflix).

And that’s why I am back at it. I am planning on taking things a little more serious that I did a couple of years ago. Now it’s not for a grade, now it’s for me. And kind of for you, because I like you, and I’m glad that you like the blog.


My Acne Journey

After not blogging for a year, there have been a lot of recipes and events that I really would like to write about, but one thing in particular really stands out, and that is my skin. This is not a food post, there are not cat pictures here, and this is going to be way more open, honest, and revealing that I have ever been on here.

If we start at the beginning of my acne journey we are in elementary school, fourth grade. I remember one of my friends commenting on a pimple I had say something along the lines of, “Congrats, you have your first pimple!” I know that it wasn’t malicious, but it stung enough that it stuck out in my mind for eight years. Ever since that moment I have been insecure about my skin, I wore makeup in middle school, I didn’t in high school because I was scared it would look cakey and people would talk about me behind my back. I use snapchat, but otherwise I avoided taking selfies because I did not want my skin in its acne-consumed state to be immortalized. My skin was always an issue for me, but things have started to change and I really want to share my progress.

In eighth grade I began going to a dermatologist, before that I had tried to use drug store products to clear my acne, to no avail. At the derm I was prescribed some antibiotics, which actually ended up hurting my stomach more than anything. This is was my skin looked like the summer after eighth grade. (Just a note about these photos, they are old or from an iPhone camera, not the best quality, sorry.)IMG_0003IMG_0002

After the antibiotics didn’t work, we tried BC and various topical treatments. Some of which actually progressed me forward.. Most, however, did not provide the results that I was desiring and left me with the painful (and really hard to treat) cystic acne. The time came when I was so frustrated with the state of my skin, in its non-progression, that I decided to talk to the derm about accutane, a harsh medicine that restricts oil production and can sometimes permanently clear acne. Accutane, the brand name (it isn’t sold anymore because of generic competitors) of isotretinoin, is extremely harsh stuff. It can cause disastrous birth defects if a female patient becomes pregnant while on it, as well as causing super dry skin and joint pain for most patients. Understandably both my parents and I were very cautious about going down the isotretinoin road. We ended up making the decision to talk to the derm about it, and a couple months later I was taking isotretinoin.

My skin went from having painful cystic acne like this (pardon the creepy eye):IMG_0008

To having less like this:IMG_0009

And finally to having nearly no visible cyctic acne, but still scarring, and pink hair:   IMG_0004

And finally what my skin looks like today:IMG_0005 IMG_0006

I know that my skin is still a ways off from being perfect, I may even go another month on the isotretinoin to make sure everything is gone for good. I still have scarring to deal with, but I don’t fear taking pictures because of my skin anymore. My skin has come leaps and bounds, and I am happy. I am grateful for the dermatologist and the office for being so understanding and supportive as well as being informative.

I wanted to share this journey, but in a way that I could give context about where I was coming from and why it’s been so hard and exciting to overcome. I’ll be back to food blogging one of these days, maybe.