Rascal, the Sock Thief

I think its about time to write another cat post. This one will be dedicated to Rascal.

You know that Rascal likes to do adventurous things, right? He enjoys playing outside and would rather not be around Freyja. As the days get shorter (and they will soon start to get longer again) he can’t spend very much time outside. So, he get’s restless and he has to find something to do inside.

He doesn’t open himself up to play with Freyja or even when she is around, so it’s rare that we get him to play with us. But tonight’s a little different.

As my mom was folding socks and stuff Rascal pulled a Sherlock and decided to investigate. We have laundry baskets a lot like these, that have holes that are the right size to poke a paw through, they also  have a little give and that the cats find them enjoyable to play around. Rascal pokes his paws through and does a little playing with my mom’s hands, just being a little rascal. But then he thinks that he needs my socks, and grabs one. It had penguins on it, so he might have been attracted to the birds, but still, he wanted my socks!!

Anyway, I just thought that you may like to hear a Rascal update. He’s still spunky, he’s still cute, and he’s still really furry.

Bonus picture of him posing!



Kitties are Comforting

This past week I was home sick a couple of days. I had two different things going on, but the most recent thing is still hanging around and I’m ready to murder my immune system.

The cats seem to be really nice though. In a way that parents and siblings can’t seem to duplicate, they can comfort and warm you. They will sit on your lap and let you talk to them without cowering in fear of getting your germs. They sit so still, probably because you’re still from being exhausted, and they like the heat that you give off in your fevered state.

In all seriousness, though, cats are my friends when I’m stuck at home. I don’t care that they can’t talk to me about how stupid my cough is or whatever, but it’s really nice to have a pet that you can pretend to care for you.

I am a cat person because both of our pets are cats. I would probably be a dog person if we had a dog. I love house pets, I like domesticated animals. They don’t face the troubles that we do when we leave the house everyday, they have so little to worry about, and they are so loyal. I know that people think cats are snooty, but they need you to feed them, they love you even if it’s not super obvious every waking moment as it is with dogs.

I don’t really know, but I’m super grateful for the two kitties that are a part of my life, I’m very glad that they around to annoy each other and leave fur on my black pants.

A Tail of Two Kitties

Once upon a time we got a cat. He was fat. And he wore no hat, no matter how many I tried to get him to wear. He does, however, wear a tuxedo, mostly because it is the pattern of his fur. He always has a pretty collar on, to pretend that it is his snazzy bow tie. His name is Rascal. Rascal is eleven years old, we got him when he was only six months old. He was cute back then. He’s just fancy these days. These aren’t bad things, they are just the way it is.

Rascal is sort of a tough cat. He has had his front claws removed, yet he can still climb up trees. He has notches in his ears, from bar fights most likely. But one thing you need to understand above all else, is that Rascal doesn’t take your crap. He spends half of his time running around outside chasing and occasionally killing small animals.

This is Rascal. Sitting atop my Blazer. His eyes are odd because of the flash, not age, don’t worry.

There is also another cat, her name is Freyja. She doesn’t get the same sort of introduction as Rascal, because she is a princess. Freyja is much younger than Rascal, she’s about two and a half years old. We got her when she was about 6 weeks old. My brother and his friends found her. She was supposed to only be fostered, but then because she’s cute (and a few other complicated reasons) we ended up with her for the long run.

Freyja is a princess, that can’t be stated enough. She’s a long hair, she has a musical meow, and she constantly needs attention, but if she doesn’t want it she will hiss at everything. Obviously, if Rascal gets something she doesn’t, she’ll cry. Especially with cat food or treats. Dear goodness.

Freyja is here looking like a sassy little thing. She clearly has a similar coloring to Rascal.

Rascal and Freyja don’t get along, Rascal was around first, this house is his. It’s not fair that a little girl cat came in and shed her long hair everywhere! But Freyja thinks everything here is hers. I mean, why else would we let her in our house?

This two house pets have had a huge part of my life, they can cheer me up even though they have no intention of doing so. They sometimes sit in the kitchen, waiting for scraps of chicken, pieces of cheese, or some other form of pampering. They can’t cook, but they try to be involved. Neither like beef, so at least they are on the same page as me, right?

I love the kitties. They don’t love each other, mostly because they are cats. I love them, though, and my family loves them. And they like some human food more than they should.