Where Have I Been?

Lots of places, but mostly not here. And by here I mean the blog, and my home town, and my own home. But this is okay, because I am growing up and becoming an adult person and that’s important. But I lot has happened since the end of my junior year, and all that you’ve seen is that I took accutane…


Candy bar at my graduation party.

There’s been a lot more. Senior year was filled with happiness: I was a drum major, I took loads of AP classes, I chose where to go to college (I’m there now!), I went to prom, I graduated, and we held a party.

Then in the summer I died my hair pink, I went to camp, I learned to kick box, I went to Kings Island, and I packed for college. And let me just tell you, this first semester at school has been crazy busy, but crazy fun. I moved in a few days early for the honors program, I played paint twister with the girls on my hall, I made enchiladas for hall dinner, the hall tried our hand at synchronized swimming, I went to Zumba classes, I missed my cat and my kitchen, I     met an orange cat that was rather sweet, I ate a lot of Chick-fil-A, I went to classes, I got mail, I signed up to go to Uganda in May, I made new friends, painted my face like a deer for Halloween, passed all my tests, survived finals, and made it home in mostly one piece.


Trying to mix enchilada filling in a plastic bowl with a small fork. Such is dorm life.


Making enchiladas somewhat successfully.


They made it into the oven. I count it as success. My hall mates liked them too, so that’s a plus.


Orange campus cat.

But through all of the activities in which I participated, and all the events I attended, I did not blog about any of them. I did not make food and chronicle the process nor the outcome, and I felt like something was missing. My time was well invested in the activities I was doing, but I did not have a good source of stress relief nor did I have an activity that was just for me and my own satisfaction (apart from Netflix).

And that’s why I am back at it. I am planning on taking things a little more serious that I did a couple of years ago. Now it’s not for a grade, now it’s for me. And kind of for you, because I like you, and I’m glad that you like the blog.