I’m Moving!

By August of this year, I will have moved 4 times in the last year, in and out of the dorm, a temporary place for the summer, and then my first year-long lease on a house with some girlfriends. I thought that I might as well through in another move while I was at it. So Cats Can’t Cook is moving to a new website with a new name and domain.
I began Cats Can’t Cook about 4 years ago, during my junior year of high school for a year-long blogging assignment. It was my favorite  memory of junior year. My teacher was incredibly encouraging during the whole process and I figured that I would keep up with it after that year. And I hardly did. I posted only a couple of times between the end of the year and the time I left for college. It’s now been over a year since I last posted a recipe.
I love all that Cats Can’t Cook was and is. It’s a time capsule from one year of high school. It was a chance to try to learn some basics of cooking. It was a place for me to focus my creative energy on food and writing, and a little photography as well. But it’s time for me to move on.
I’m entering my third year of college in August and I know that I should be doing way more writing than I currently am. And I finally have regular unrestricted access to a kitchen and supplies. So in order to get back to one of my favorite things I’ve ever done, I’m relaunching my food-blogging career over at Christi Eats.
I’m still writing in my casual style, but I have changed some things, so I’ve changed my blog. Eating habits have changed, grocery stores (I will forever love Hy-Vee) have changed, and living situations have changed. But I am still me, and I will still make great food, just posting in a different location.
Also, there’s a giant cat elephant in the room that I chose to ignore the entire time I was blogging: there is another food blog (also hosted on WordPress) that was called Cats Can’t Cook. I have no clue how I missed this when creating my site, but I did. I found it probably halfway through the year when I started to get into SEO stuff and that blog came up. I was too deep into the assignment to change, and then later I didn’t care enough to create something new. I feel like it’s not appropriate for me to continue blogging with this name when someone else was using the name first. So while I’m moving, I decided that leaving the name behind was the right thing to do. Jess (yeah, I stalked her blog to find her name), if you’re reading this: your cats are so cute and I’m sorry about stealing your blog name. It’s yours and you can have all the social media account names now.
I will not delete Cats Can’t Cook. I know that Dr. Ayers still has it linked on his blog, and has been used as an example for educators and students. Also, it truly chronicles my junior year of high school (as odd as it was) and I can’t imagine erasing that.
I will be gradually shifting my social media over to the new branding, but it may take a while. So links to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram on this page will all eventually be leading to the new blog.
I hope that you will join me over at Christi Eats. I have some exciting stuff to share with you! See you on the other side.

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